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Sept. 1, 2020
(HOLDREGE, Neb.) – The Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District will lower water levels at two of its regulating reservoirs this fall in preparation for brief maintenance projects at hydroelectric plants below the reservoirs.

Work at the Johnson No. 1 and Johnson No. 2 hydroplants downstream of Johnson Lake will take place on Sept. 14, and again on Sept. 30. The lake level will begin to drop one to two days before the scheduled outage date and will return to normal levels shortly after the outage. Total decline in water level should only be approximately one-half foot from the level before the outage date.

Work at the Jeffrey Hydroplant at Jeffrey Reservoir is scheduled to take place on Sept. 22 and Sept. 29. The lake level will begin to decrease one to two days before the scheduled outage dates and will drop approximately two feet total before returning to normal levels following the outages.
All drawdown plans are subject to change depending on river flows and rain events.