We have noticed some folks out on the water not following the 2015 Nebraska Game and Parks Boating rules and regulations. As a refresher:
— No child age 12 or under is allowed aboard any vessel when not wearing a life preserver of suitable size, except when hunting waterfowl in an anchored boat.
— It is unlawful to travel at speeds exceeding 5 mph/no excessive wake limit in or within 30 yards of any vessel, harbor, marina, landing pier, fishing pier, anchorage, or bathing beach.
— it is unlawful to operate or be a passenger on a personal watercraft without wearing a US Coast Guard approved life jacket, regardless of age.
— it is unlawful for any boat operator, including personal watercraft, under 16 years of age to two a skier, tuber or wakeboarder etc.

Please remember in Nebraska you must be at least 14 years old to operate personal watercraft or a motorboat.

And if you were born AFTER Dec 31st, 1985, you MUST have successfully completed a Nebraska safe boater course and be in possession of a valid certificate. Non-residents must provide certification from their state of residence or another source approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators.

The Game and Parks trailer was parked at the ramp and they were out on the lake today. Be knowledgeable and be safe on the water!!