State Boating Guidelines

  • Boat traffic is counter-clockwise.  In other words, drive up the east side of the lake going north and down the west side of the lake going south. Your driving pattern should be a large oval.
  • Pass on the right.
  • Boats going slower have the right away. So do small fishing boats or boats with smaller motors.
  • Boats pulling tubes should be aware of the length of their lines and not get too close to shoreline or docks.
  • All the coves have a no-wake rule whether they have a buoy out or not.
  • State law prohibits anyone under the age of 14 from operating water crafts that includes boats and jet skis.
  • Age 14-18 can operate watercraft only if they have a certification from an approved boaters safety class from their state of residence or the state of Nebraska.
  • Children under 12 years old aboard any vessel must wear a USCG approved life jacket.

Have fun and please be safe!